Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Thomas Emory Heather Jr. — January 7th, 1915 - February 17th, 2003

There's me with my brother, Tom IV, my Grandad, Tom Jr., and my Dad, Tom III — also known as Big Tom, Little Tom and Old Tom. That's a whole lotta Toms.

My Grandad lived in a house directly behind my dad's house in Marydel, Maryland. Yesterday morning my dad went to check on him and found that he had passed away in his sleep. Tom called and gave me the bad news.

Grandad turned 88 last month. His first great grandchildren are expected in a matter of weeks. It's such a shame that he'll miss that. Assuming one of Denise's babies is a boy, we'll still have a Big Tom, Little Tom and Old Tom, we'll just have to shuffle the titles around.

Now I've got no grandparents left. We lost all four of them in the past five years.

So, it looks like I'll be taking a trip back to the homestead soon. I haven't been informed about what arrangements are being made, but I wouldn't be too surprised if I'm on a plane tomorrow or the next day.
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