Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Weekend Review

Yeah, so other stuff did happen this weekend.

Danielle and I enjoyed our first Valentine's Day together. We toyed with the idea of going out to a fancy dinner, but I waited far too long to try and make reservations. We ended up enjoying some tasty KFC on the living room floor (our typical dining venue). What happened after that is a private affair, but I assure you it was all good for everyone involved.

Saturday I got to enjoy some private time with the girls from Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball while Danille was out running errands. If you're lucky enough to own an Xbox, you ought to have this game. The game offers a lot more than just computer-generated semi-nudity, but that is certainly a nice added bonus. For me, it's all about the sport. Well, it's mostly about the sport. Making them try on swimsuits is kinda fun, I suppose.

Saturday night we ran a couple little errands. We stopped at the local Gamestop so I could reserve my copies of Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker (coming March 24th) and of course, the coveted Star Wars® Galaxies™: An Empire Divided (coming April 15th... if we're lucky). I've been slowly trying to get Danielle to warm up to the idea that playing this Star Wars game is going to be like taking on a second full-time job. I think the introduction of this software to our household might be the first true test of our relationship. I'm going to seriously try to keep my playing under control, but anyone familiar with PC gaming knows that a little game called Everquest has corrupted many relationships, devastated marriages, and in some cases, destroyed lives. This new game promises to be just as addictive, if not moreso.

Why would one be so anxious to invite such evil into our home? C'mon, man. It's Star Wars.

Anywho, after we hit the Gamestop, we headed over to Home Depot to research shelving. With Danielle moving into my place, we're going to really have a challenge getting all of her crap into my apartment. But with a little organized storage solutions, I think we're going to be up to the task. We were able to convert the hall coat closet into a lovely linen closet with the addition of a few well-mounted shelves. If you come to visit feel free to throw your coat right on the floor.

I don't think I had mentioned before that Danielle is moving in with me. I'd might as well slip that announcement in the middle of a really long post for maximum impact.

Sunday morning Danielle's mom and sister came over to pick up Danielle so they could go visit her grandfather. After that we all had a nice lunch at Hamburger Mary's. It all went well. I think her mom likes me. What's not to like, eh? After lunch Danielle and I stopped over to David's house to hang out for awhile. Then we went back to Home Depot to get more shelves. I went ahead and reorganized the office closet just before some guests arrived to watch the 300th episode of the Simpsons. David, John, Jake and Brandi joined us, and Danielle cooked up some kick-ass steak sandwiches for everyone. A good time was had by all.

Yesterday morning we cleaned out the outside storage closet and filled it with all kinds of stuff that didn't really need to be in the house. It was mostly camping gear that had previously been cluttering up the hall closet. After that we went through the bedroom closet and I selected about half my wardrobe for donation to Goodwill. I think we're just about to the point where Danielle's stuff will actually have a place to go in our apartment. Now all we have left to do is actually move it all.

After all that productiveness, Danielle took me out to dinner at the Red Lobster. She complained that my pasta was sticky and overcooked so they didn't charge us for it (score!). After dinner we picked up a few things at Target, then we settled in for some Joe Millionaire. The show's end was quite a pleasant surprise. It was nice to see it all turn out happy. Poor, poor, Sarah. I really don't care for her.

That pretty much sums up my weekend. It's going to be an interesting week. I'll keep you updated. I promise.
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