Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Hello all.

The weather is still crappy. It rained most of the weekend, but there wasn't any major flooding in these parts.

A whole lot of buildings' roofs have collapsed from the weight of the snow and rain. It hardly seems to be melting at all. I sure won't miss this weather when I get back to California.

The services for Grandad were nice. It was good to see all the local family folks. They couldn't plow the graveyard, so there was no interment. They're going to put him in the ground at some later time. It makes little difference because they cremated him right after the viewing on Friday.

Me and Tom had dinner with Mom and John and some of their friends last night. It was lots of fun. Now we're getting ready to go to Red Lobster with Dad, Dorenda and Beth. I'll be having the cajun chicken linguini.

I sure miss my Danielle. I'm ready to go home.
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