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Ho hum!

I'm not going to <lj-cut> this post so you can all admire its verboseness.

Danielle and I are the Queen and King (respectively) of around-the-apartment projects. In the last two days we conquered four, that's right, four major household accomplishments.

Organize CD Collection
Danielle was in charge of this one. All of our CDs were scattered all about the apartment, and she got them all together and made sure each CD was in its proper jewel case, and even dusted them. She carefully organized them by genre and gently placed them in her fancy metal wave CD tower. We actually bought a second tower for this project, but now we realize that one does the job pretty well with room to spare. So now we have to return the old one.

For your information, I think we have about 170 CDs between us. Most of them are hers.

Install Shower Shelf Thingee
This turned out to be a lot harder than anyone expected. See, we bought one of those tension rod shelves for inside the shower. I tried to install it weeks ago, but it didn't fit. It was too tall. And too short. The main pole has four segments. With all four it was a few inches too tall to wedge in there, and with only three segments it turned out a couple inches too short. I decided to mod the unit, as the kids would say. We had to make a special trip to the Home Depot for a hacksaw. Sawing through metal poles is harder than I imagined it would be, but by golly I got them cut. I cut down the top segment of the pole by a good five inches or so. Then I had to shorten the tension spring. I think we nearly ruined a pair of wire cutters trying to do that. Eventually I had to use the Dremel® brand rotary tool. That spring steel is strong. There were a lot of sparks flying. It was like my own tiny Great White concert. But we got the job done. The project was a huge success.

Put Some Crap in Storage
Okay, I guess that wasn't a real big project, but my old DVD shelves were quite in the way. We tucked them into the outside storage closet until I can find someone to take them away.

Hook Up the Bedroom TV
We have a TV in the bedroom now. Huzzah! But it wasn't doing a whole lot because it wasn't hooked to anything. I had been giving a lot of thought on how to accomplish this. I don't really want to pay an extra five bucks a month for a second Dish Network reciever that we'll hardly ever use. So we stopped into Best Buy and I spent eighty bucks for a handy wireless multi-room distributor, also known as a Leapfrog by the good folks at Terk Technologies. This was surprisingly easy to hook up. Danielle helped me line up the little antennae, so the picture and sound are as clear as can be. I was a little concerned that the transmitter would disrupt my wi-fi network (that's 802.11b, for the geeks out there who love to talk protocol) because they both transmit around 2.4 Ghz. But the computer network seems totally unaffected. We relished another wildly sucessful project, and another nifty little wireless gadget to show off.

We're actually running out of tasks to do at this point. Danielle has got a bug in her butt about putting some plants and crap on the front patio. She even mentioned something about patio furniture. I think it's a splendid idea. Neither one of us know the first thing about gardening, I mean, except that plants probably need water and sunshine and soil, right? I guess I ought to say neither of us know the fourth or fifth thing about gardening, so, this ought to be an interesting experiment if we actually go through with it.

Did you see this post? I think that's just about the best thing ever. It sure is great to be me sometimes.
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