Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Busy Day!

Last week the folks in the California Grown™ program decided they needed a flyer designed to pass out at Ag Day and other ag related events. They talked my boss into having me do it. I warned them that that sort of thing ain't my bag, baby, but they made me do it anyway. I'd much rather be designing for the screen than for print. At any rate, I dusted off my Adobe® Illustrator® hat and gave it a shot. And to my surprise, it didn't turn out half bad. Check out my mad skillz.

Getting the design approved was pretty easy, but they also put us in charge of printing the thing. So I've been interfacing with the basement-dwellers of production services. Long story short, it's been quite a pain. I'll spare you the details, but at first they wanted to do it one way, but we didn't like that idea, so we decided to try another way, and that didn't work too well, so then we came up with another solution that seems to print almost perfectly. I've spent more time trying to get this thing printed than I did designing it.

As we speak, the Canon 2400 color laser copier is in the middle of printing the first batch of a thousand.

I'll sure be happy when this little side-diversion is out of my hair! But on the bright side, the California Grown people are very happy with how the whole thing turned out, and I helped earn the team some extra brownie points. Whee!

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