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Hello, all.

Looks like I've been neglecting my journal lately.

I decided to call in sick today. I ended up snoozing until around noon. When I sleep that late I have a lot of difficulty recovering. I think I just wrecked the rest of my day. Bleh!

So, what's been going on lately? I haven't really updated in a week. Danielle and I had a blast last weekend. We partied hard with her friends on Saturday, then we had some company on Sunday night. Seems like it's too late to got through those stories now. You'll just have to cross-reference Danielle's journal.

The real big news in my life (not counting my newborn niece and nephew) is that I'm likely going to be buying a car in a couple weeks. The universe or some other higher power seems to be pushing me in that direction. I was worried that I would not qualify for a car loan, but Capital One decided to pre-approve me. Then a couple days later Chris's Cousin Mike phoned me up and offered to buy my car. Then when I wasn't sure if I had enough money, my dad sent me a check out of the blue. The note said that he'd gotten more life insurance money than he'd expected and he wanted to help me cover my travel expenses for Grandad's funeral. "Travel expenses," indeed. Now I have a down payment for the car.

So, I've decided I would really like to drive a 2003 Civic Coupe EX. We went to a dealership hoping they might have a silver one with manual transmission, and they actually had two. I test drove it. The EX has the 1.7-liter, 127-hp VTEC® engine, and it's quite fun.

I've never bought a new car before. Danielle said that if anyone deserves one, it's me.

So, as soon as Mike takes the beat up old civic off my hands, I'm going to go out and get the new one. Then I'll have a "name my new car" contest in my journal. I've never had a car with a name, either.

Here's a picture from the day I bought my current car. I've put about seventy thousand miles on since that day.


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