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The Time Change Sucks

Of course, the extra daylight this afternoon will be most appreciated. But this morning was hellish.

Danielle and I completely thumbed our noses (simultansously) at the time adjustment, and we even stayed up quite a bit later than our normal non-adjusted bedtime. Naturally, we were both late to work today, and we're both tired and cranky.

It was an interesting morning, though. I was listening to Shawn and Jeff (my famous clients whose website is in progress) on local radio station 100.5 The Zone while working on some fun website stuff. Today was the grand prize drawing for some special trip to Las Vegas to hang out with Bon Jovi, plus the chance to win ten grand on top of that. So they do the drawing and call the big weiner, and it turns out to be Danielle's close friend Heidi. The only thing more shocking than hearing Heidi accepting the big prize on the air was Danielle's complete lack of surprise regarding this turn of events. Danielle had been absolutely certain all along that Heidi would win, just because she wanted it so badly. Of course, Heidi and her sister-in-law Sandy did manage to qualify for the drawing three or four times, but I still consider that a pretty lucky break. Still, I'm sure Danielle is more happy for her than bitter and jealous (I'm hoping), because I believe Heidi is just about the biggest Bon Jovi fan in the whole world.

So anyway, our weekend had its ups and downs. Yesterday we had a delightful Olive Garden lunch with Danielle's family friends Jan and Jerry. They are good peoples. We also did more than our share of shopping. We're both going to end up in the poor house unless we can change our spending habits. Danielle made off with a bunch of clothes and other girly stuff. But I finally got my hands on the coveted Gameboy Advance SP -- a silver one even, to match my car. That will definitely come in handy for our plane trip on Wednesday.

I also picked up a new 19" Sony Trinitron for my home workstation. The old refurbished I had was not very crisp, and its problems seem to be getting worse with age. On Saturday morning I sat down to take a chomp out of my weekend work and I could barely focus on the pixels. So replacing it was a fine investment in the business and ought to boost productivity quite a bit. The old display, while not acceptable for pixel-accurate web design, would be perfect for gaming. So hopefully I can find someone to take it off my hands for a couple of bucks.

Do you know how hard it is to shop for CRT displays nowadays? The LCD / TFTs (and other acronyms for flat displays) are taking over. Sadly their image quality do not yet meet the needs of my profession. Not to mention the price difference. It took me all weekend to find a 19" CRT with an acceptable contrast ratio and dot pitch. Err, I mean "aperture grill pitch"... it's a Trinitron, y'know.

To my two friends who had a particularly bad weekend: Just hang in there. Things have a tendency to work out one way or another. The hard times are hard so you'll appreciate the easier times that certainly lie ahead. You just need to keep it together, be strong, and weather the storm.

And to my wonderful girlfriend Danielle: Shmeah! I can't imagine having a life that you are not a part of. I love you more than I could ever possibly express using this crude language. Thank you for everything you do for me. Thank you for being my partner, my best friend, and for just being you. :)

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