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Busy, busy, busy...

It seems like me and the girl have been really busy lately. We always have something going on. Although, I skipped the softball game on Monday because Jules wasn't feeling well, and I wanted to stay home and take care of her. That made her happy. Surprisingly, the Surfers lost without my help.

Last night we picked up Julie's car at Folsom Chevrolet, then stopped over at Fry's to buy a new toy. I snagged a new SoundBlaster PCI512 for the downstairs machine (Flanders), but after much fussing and frustration, it wouldn't work right. I don't know if the card is fried or if that machine is just spooky. It's got a Cyrix chip in it, so I wouldn't be surprised. I'll probably put the card in Julie's machine (Homer)... which will hopefully keep it from crashing so much. Computers are fun.

Anyway, just a little piece of advice for y'all: Learn math. When you go to the bank you won't know how to count your money if you haven't learned math.
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