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Good morning, Live Journal.

I haven't posted here for thirteen days.

Last weekend Danielle and I rearranged the home office. I unhooked everything and took it out then moved stuff around and put it all back together. I put a lot of effort into managing wires and reducing clutter whenever possible. We swapped the corner desk and the keyboards (the ones of the musical variety) and made room for some new furniture that we haven't got just yet. I put the keyboards on one of those double rack stand dealies, so that saved quite of bit of space, plus it looks damn cool. Now we just need some sort of shelves for me to put out my Simpsons figure collection, which is currently being stored in the closet after getting reloacted to make room for the kick-ass bar we bought.


So, there's like this work thing. I took on far too many projects last month, and all that work has even bled into this month. A couple of the projects are making quick progress, but one in particular, a website for a local Indian casino, is extreemly frustrating. After putting about ten hours into the job, we basically had to go back to the drawing board. It wasn't my fault because they didn't properly express what they were looking for. I'm charging an hourly rate, so that is a bit of a comfort, but I'd like to lighten my workload as soon as I possibly can! I've gotten used to quick approvals on my work because... face it, I'm just that damned good.

Then there's the Star Wars Galaxies thing. After the beta test, I wasn't all that excited about the game anymore. But I went ahead and bought it last week, and I'm actually having fun. For the uninitiated, Star Wars Galaxies is what they call a MMORPG -- a massively multiplayer online roll playing game. They are sometimes called persistent world online games, which I think describes the concept pretty well. The good folks at Sony Online Entertainment and Lucasarts have crafted a virtual universe based on the fiction of the Star Wars films, and through the wonders and magic of the Internet, you can create a character who lives in that universe. You play with literally thousands of other players. The game is set in the time period just after Luke destroyed the first Death Star. I've decided to join the Empire to fight the Rebels, even though I have a feeling our cause is hopeless in the end (damn you, Lando Calrissian!). But ever since I started working for state government, I feel aligned with the dark side, and it seems to me that all their ideas weren't so bad after all. What were the rebels so unhappy about anyway? I mean, sure, we blew up Alderaan, but for all we know Alderaan was like the France of their ancient galaxy.

My character is a lizard-man named Trodi, and he lives on Tatooine on the Corbantis server. He hopes to one day be a master scout and a creature handler, he enjoys long walks on the beach, piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

So, what have we done with our long weekend? Thursday night we had Julie and Niki over. We hung out here then went to Shari's for some grub. That's always a treat. Then Friday, well, you can check out this rambling post for some adventures in babysitting. It was a good Independence Day overall, I would have to say. Yesterday evening Danielle and I picked up Niki, David S. and Julie to go bowling over at the outrageously overpriced Country Club Lanes. $4.00 for shoe rentals plus $4.50 per person per game? Is that normal? Well, I shoudn't complain, because we had an absolute blast. I haven't been bowling in a long, long time, and I don't know why we don't do it more often. Danielle rolled a 93 and a 125, I got a 90 and a 127, which I think is better than my average was when I was a league bowler. Yeah, I was that good back in... fifth grade?

So, yeah, we'll definitely have to go bowling again soon. Maybe we can find some cheaper lanes. David said that Larry's parents' friends own the bowling alley in Folsom and he can get us in there for free, so that would probably be the thing to do.

Today I have to catch up on some work, and later David W. is coming over to hang out. I think we'll get a pizza.

Just to let you know, as of the last week in June, I've been a Californian for five whole years, and I've had my journal for three years, and I've been a real full-time cog embedded within the rusty machinery that is state government for one full year. Other milestones are approaching quickly!

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