Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Resistance is Futile

David had some insights on my relationship with Julie. He started to say I was like a leach, but then corrected himself when he realized I'm the opposite of a leach. David says I'm absorbing Julie into my world. I'm assimilating her. I'm the borg of relationships.

He was referring to our living arrangement. It's sort of true. I've decided to get all new living room furniture, but it's not Julie's stuff we're getting rid of. It's just the model furniture. It wasn't chosen for comfort. I think they picked it to make the space look as large as possible: Light colors. Love seats. Glass surfaces. It's so sterile. It's not real furniture. It's faux-niture.

I want something more warm and inviting. Some earthtones would be nice. I know Julie likes the southwestern pastel motif, but she'll have to enjoy it in other rooms of the house. Like the bedroom and dining room.

My goal is not to make the house mine. I want to make it ours. If some guy moved into your house and decided to refurnish everything, you wouldn't mind so much, would you?
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