Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Sound Card Update

Like you care.

Anyway, I tried to put the SB PCI512 in Julie's computer. Same problems. The card is fried. I think Flanders fried it. Not that I care. I took it back to Fry's intending to walk out with a SoundBlaster Live! Platinum 5.1. They were sold out. We called like half the computer retailers in the city, and everyone is out of SoundBlasters. I didn't realize they were so in demand. We eventually grabbed the last one at a CompUSA. And I love it. It doesn't sound any different from the SB Live! Value, but the LiveDrive is really neat. It's like a thing you mount in a drive bay on the front of your machine, and it conncets to the sound card. It puts all the inputs and outputs on the front, and it has a remote control sensor.

I recommend it highly.

I moved the SBLive! Value into Julie's machine, and although it's still acting a little weird, I think it's more stable. Time will tell.
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