Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Friday Five!

Disco Stu does not advertise.1. Do you collect things? What types of things?
Well, I do like to amass electronic toys, video games, and DVDs. But my one good ol' fashioned "collection" is my World of Springfield Interactive figures by Playmates Toys.

2. How long have you been collecting these things?
I started about three years ago, when there were all of about eighteen figures for me to find. Since then they keep making more and more, and I feel obligated to keep buying them. I've got no room to even display the environments anymore, and the figures (about 150 and counting) are on two big media shelves in my office.

3. Do your friends or family think you go a bit overboard with collecting?
Most people get a kick out of the collection! I keep the newest additions on the top shelf so I can show them off. Danielle doesn't seem bothered by it at all. At least she hasn't said so.

4. If you were broke and destitute, and all you had left was your collection, would you sell it for $50?
No way. Some of the individual figures are worth a lot more than that.

5. If your significant other or someone you really wanted to be with, told you it was " your collection or them" which would you chose?
Anyone who would be likely to throw down that sort of ultimatum would never get to the "significant" category to begin with.

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