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Over 2,600 lines of code...

...went in to my latest project.

I present to you the
Danielle and Jarrett Photo Album!

Yes, a few thousand lines of code, and it does only slightly more than Photoshop's Automate / Web Photo Gallery tool. Actually that's a bit of an understatement. This application uses three database tables to organize the images, and you can leave comments on each one if you have an opinion to share with the rest of the world. This is actually one of the most elegant pieces of software I've ever written, if I may say so myself.

Right now there are only 8 photos in the whole system, but it won't take too long for that number to multiply.

The code is hot off the presses, so please hop over there and click around for me. I think everything is working pretty well. Report back if you have any problems. First person to find a typo wins a prize.
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