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I've been a pain in the butt lately. It's a good thing I have the most wonderful, devoted, understanding and loving fiancée in the whole world putting up with me. Otherwise I'd be in serious trouble. She supports me in ways she probably doesn't even realize... mainly because I'm not really good at expressing those kinds of things. I really just love her to death. I'd be lost without her.

I have an excuse, though. I've been working my pants off all week to develop new logo & letterhead concepts for the department. That's THE department, the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Just to be asked to perform such a task is an honor, bestowed upon me because the Deputy Secretary has been a fan of my work, and more importantly, the department has no money to get a professional agency to do the job. It has kept me pretty busy, and it's seriously damaging my reputation as a "lazy state worker".

I came up with four logo concepts and 12 letterhead layouts. I printed them on my fancy Epson 2200 and even put them all in a binder with sheet protectors. And I must admit it turned out pretty nice for being somewhat of a rush job. I really struggled with the fourth logo design, which put me in a bad mood most of the weekend. In the end, it turned out okay. Not something I'd want to have adopted as the official logo, but not too bad. It looks like it belongs on a bottle of ranch dressing, and with any luck, it is bound for rejection.

This morning I presented all the concepts to the Deputy Secretary, the Director and the Senior Information Officer from Public Affairs, and some of the Executive Admin crew. My boss and my boss's boss came along, too. I wasn't very nervous. I usually get nervous in that sort of situation, but I was pretty cool. The meeting could not have gone better. Everyone liked the logo I wanted them to like (clients have a bad habit of choosing the crappiest one). And they gave me way too much praise and even a big round of applause, which was a surprise. My ego is going to get way out of control.

After the meeting my boss's boss, the Director of Information Technology, told me not to worry about ending up on a "thirty month" (potential layoff) list any time soon. That's music to my ears.

I had to tweak a couple of the letterhead concepts. The Deputy Secretary said she wants me to meet with the Secretary -- the head honcho -- later today to show him what we've put together. *gulp* I never even got introduced to the last Secretary. The new guy does seem really cool, and I do look forward to rubbing elbows with the big cheese.

So which State Cabinet members are you meeting with today? Hmm? That's what I thought. Losers.

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