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Mother Nature: 1 -- Wal-Mart Umbrella: 0

As long as I've lived in California (5 1/2 years now) I don't think I've seen weather worse than today.

It's cold. It's raining hard. It's windy. Man, is it windy.

Days like today, I really wish we had a cafeteria in the building. But we don't. Chris and I braved the storm and went out to Original Pete's for lunch.

The wind annihilated my poor umbrella. After being turned inside out five or six times the little metal rods were bent to hell and back. It was all mangled and pathetic. I had to throw it in the trash. It was a red umbrella anyway. I'd much rather have a black one.

The wind is howling loudly. It doesn't show any signs of letting up. There is a constant wail of police and abulance sirens as well. I don't think people around here are good at driving in these sort of conditions.

Plus it's cold in my office here. I'm wearing a jacket and a pair of cotton gloves. I had to cut the fingertips off so I could type. Chris says I look as if I could be on the street begging for change. Maybe I'll start a new fashion trend. We can call it "hobo chic".

All in all, I really wish I were home with a mug of hot cocoa. Five can't get here fast enough.

Eh, better make that four.

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