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2004: A Retrospective

It's time to finally look back at all the great things that happened in 2004. Yes, it was full of ups and downs. But we have come far and learned much.

On New Year's Eve we rocked two parties, because we are just that popular. We popped in to visit Dean & Trishs (aka djdean & moonlight68), then we scooted over to Brian's house for the countdown.

New Years Day we decided to catch a matinée of Return of the King with Jules, but not long into the movie Danielle and I had to bail. I started feeling really... weird. I had an intense ache in my right hip joint and knee and I started to feel all woozy and shakey. We went home and I spent the whole rest of the day shivering under a pile of blankets. I scared the bejeezus out of poor Danielle. By Friday morning I was starting to feel more like my old self, except for a raging headache that lasted two whole days.

But I still managed to do some fun things during those two days. The highlight of the weekend, of course, was taking Danielle to get her first tattoo. She got the idea from a necklace in a catalogue. I spent about twenty minutes drawing it up in Photoshop. She got inked by Mike (pelon) over at Bonehead Tattoos. It turned out quite nice. Check it out for yourself.

We also did some shopping and ran some errands here and there, but mostly we lounged around the house because I've been feeling so crappy. I'm finally feeling pretty much normal again, and I'm back to work again to enjoy my good health. Yay.

So, that was 2004. What a great year!

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