Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Attempt #2

I was just finishing up a post when my power strip had a melt down. I had to dig up a new one and get under my desk and rewire everything.

I was writing a little rant about new heater fan, which I plugged into the same strip as my computer, phone, printer, two 19" monitors, speakers, halogen floorlamp, microwave and refrigerator. Can you believe it died on me? Curse you, Belkin.

Anyway, while I was on break today I stopped by Target and picked up a little heater fan. My desk is right by the window, so it gets mighty chilly. My hands tend to get really cold while I'm typing away.

Now this fan cost $40. That's a pretty heavy duty investment. It's not the cheapest one you can get. It has two heat settings, a thermostat, and it oscillates. Plus it looks cool. But when I took it out of the box to set it up, the intake filter was completely saturated with dust. It looks like it's been used for a significant period of time.

I cleaned it out. It seems to work okay. It's quiet. It's warm. I guess it's not worth the trouble to exchange it.

Only now I'm a little afraid to turn it on. I moved the heater onto a different power strip, and it only shares a plug with a couple other devices now. I'd hate to have to call the facilities people if I flip a breaker or something. They'd probably have a few things to say about the fridge, the microwave, the lamp and the heater. The MAN doesn't want us to have any creature comforts like cold sodas, warm leftovers, soft light and comfortable fingers.

I'd better keep this fan on the low setting (900 W) in the future.

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