Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

I bought new bedroom furniture today!

It's beling delivered on Monday.

I don't want to show any pictures until I can get some nice art on the walls.

Maybe I'll just photoshop in the art to show off the furniture like I did for the bar. Ooooh, I'm so sneaky.

Did you know that in magical furniture land, a bed, a dresser and a table are considered a six-piece set?

The bed is three pieces alone. Are a lot of folks are coming in to buy only the bed slats? I think they do that so when they tell you they'll give you a thirty percent discount on the most expensive piece, you're actually getting a seventy-seven cent discount on like, a drawer.

Do you ever notice unnecessary punctuation on signs? I saw a banner on a McDonald's today that read New "Chicken McNuggets". Are they quoting from another banner? Or was it meant to be ironic?

At least it didn't say New "Chicken" McNuggets. That would have definitely raised some red flags.
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