Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Marriage is love.

I dare you to come up with one logical reason gay marriage should be banned. Please leave your bible at home and bring some evidence.

I don't want to hear this fall of civilization or decline of "family values" crap. And remember, of course, according to the first amendment we cannot make laws establishing religion. Therefore, try not to use the word "sanctity" or "sacred". Once you declare something sacred, you're establishing a religion and forcing your morality on others. Those words are fine for your church, but they do not belong in our legislation. If you want to belong to a church where gays are rejected, you have that freedom.

Our society does not is not supposed to make laws enforcing morality. Laws exist to protect people's rights.

Furthermore, state recognition of civil unions is a step in the wrong direction and is an unacceptable double standard, mainly because there is no federal law that recognizes the relationship. There are literally a thousand marriage benefits and rights that cannot be granted through a civil union or any power of attorney agreement.

Do me this favor. Make friends with a gay couple. There are millions of them out there. Find two people who truely love each other -- who belong together even moreso than my own (now divorced) parents did -- and tell them they can't afford to own a home because they don't deserve the same state and federal tax benefits a married couple would enjoy. Then explain to me how this is fair and good for our society.

I'm a straight guy, and I support gay marriage 100%.
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