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Back to Work!

I left the house this morning for the first time since Friday night's party.

I left my windows open in the apartment to try and air out my personal funk. I'll probably be headed back home a little early today, anyway. I'm not exactly 100% healthy, but I didn't think rotting at home another day would help all that much.

Speaking of air, my car's rear left tire was sitting really low this morning. I think it might have a slow leak. So I went to the gas station and reinflated the tire (which was down to like 10psi). I checked the rest of the tires, and they were all 20psi low as well! Maybe the installers didn't realize that these low-profile tires are supposed to be inflated to 51psi.

Anyway, my car definitely rides a lot nicer now that there's air in the tires. Who'da thunk?

Well, I'd better try to catch up on some work before I sneak out.
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