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Good Weekend.

Julie and I had an excellent weekend, by most accounts. Aside from shenanigans at the mall with Julie and her sister Gretchen on Saturday.

Firday we went over to David and Lucas' place again, planning to watch Gladiator on DVD. It turns out Lucas ended up working really late, so we didn't start watching the dern thing until like 10pm. I was so tired I snored through most of the action-packed film. It's kind of sad, because when I saw it in the theater, it was the same situation. We went to like the 11pm show on after a day when I'd been up since 7am, and I just couldn't last through the whole thing. I'm turning into my dad. So, I still haven't gotten the maximus enjoyment from Gladiator. I'll probably need to add it to my DVD collection in the near future.

Saturday was shopping day. I teamed up with David and we hit the malls. We started at the new Galleria way up in Roseville. I bought a bunch of stuff for Julie, which I can't reveal now, for obvious reasons. And David and I had a great time, although, I could do without him checking out the fifteen-year-old mall boys every ten minutes. I guess it doesn't hurt to look. There are a lot of attractive people at the Galleria... much more attractive than the patrons of Arden Fair Mall, my usual commercial hangout.

After that we hit Wallmart, Home Depot, Fry's Electronics, and Arden Fair. By the time we were done, I was totally exhausted. But I got a lot of great gifts for Jules. I'm more excited about her gifts than opening my own.

After I wrapped everything over at David's, the four of us hung out again at our place. No movie this time. We played Monopoly instead, which was major fun. Even though I lost. Lucas made a brilliant comeback after a high-risk investment on some mid-range real estate. Paying rent to him twice in a row was enough to wipe out all of my income generating assets. I'll get the next time. I'll have my revenge.

David's quote of the weekend: "It's one of those disturbing things that you can't help but watch, like a bad car accident or straight porn."

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