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I was reading this Snopes article about a suspicious image of an american soldier, which was most likely Photoshopped.

The article says they couldn't find the unaltered photograph. I figured if I was going to do a Photoshop like that, I'd probably do a Google image search for "us soldier". And would you believe the unaltered original photo came up on the first page of results?

I sent this info to Snopes, and I got a "Thank you very much!" in response from Barbara Mikkelson, one of my personal heroes! Not only that, but my crack investigation skills will be contributing to an article one of the best websites ever made. I hope they make the update soon so I can feel all proud of myself.

(Edit: I just got another "Thanks so much..." email from David Mickelson, the other author of Snopes! They've already updated the article, and marked it's status as "False". Myth busted.)
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