Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

"Lights. Camera. Action! California Grown Debuts New TV Commercial Starring Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger"

Joe and Lauren (lorkel) pose in front of the Crest Theater marquee.

Here's me doing some crowd control. They made me stand there so the peons from Food & Ag wouldn't hog all the good seats up front, which were reserved for important people. I turned away some woman who informed me she was on the Governor's cabinet. Sorry, lady. No ticket, no seat.

They had costumed characters entertaining us. Of course, there were very few children at this event, but Mr. Asparagus was enthusiastic nonetheless. Although this looks like a felt costume, he's actually a cybernetic organism, living vegetable over a metal endoskeleton, sent back by the asparagus overlords of the future to murder Sarah Conner.

Mr. Tomato-in-Sunglasses was sent from the future by the human resistance against the mutant asparagus. His mission is to protect Sarah Conner, as she will one day have a child who leads the vegetarian resistance. Oh, there was also a raisin there, but apprently he's camera shy.

Lauren's feet are the same size as mine. She took this photo or her ginormous foot. If you read her journal, you'll find that she takes a lot of pictures of her own feet.

Here's the Governor talking about how much he loves the California Grown marketing program. His speech was actually pretty good and funny at times. This pic is fuzzy because it was absurdly dark, even in the spotlight.

Here's what happens when you don't have a tripod, your subject is moving, and it's way too dark.

You really don't appreciate how much make-up these guys wear until you see them up-close.

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