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The Wisdom of Jessica Simpson

Have you seen that Pizza Hut® commercial with Jessica Simpson and the Muppets?

It's kind of been bugging me.

They are advertising the 4forALL™ Pizza. It's a box with four small square pizzas in it, each with its own toppings. But the thing is, Jessica says something like, "according to chance and probability, there are over six million, three hundred twenty-one thousand possible pizza combinations."

Now, I'm not one to openly question the wisdom of Jessica Simpson, but I think she's aiming a little low.

There are 18 topping choices, and you can have up to three toppings. Assuming you can choose duplicate toppings (pepperoni + pepperoni), you have this many pizza combinations:
    0 toppings = 1
    1 topping = 18
    2 toppings = 182/2! = 162
    3 toppings = 183/3! = 5,832/6 = 972
    Total topping combinations = 1 + 18 + 162 + 972 = 1,153
So, having 4 pizzas brings the total combinations to 1,1534 = 1,767,328,289,281.

Of course, technically she is correct. 1.7 trillion is indeed "over six million..." like she says. In the end, it's just surprising that she didn't pick up on the math error when they were filming the ad.
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