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The Democrats were riding high on the Edwards announcement. Ken Lay finally got indicted. I guess the Republicans figured now would be a good time to scare the crap out of everyone again.

Tom Ridge warns us that according to "credible" information that they'd rather not share, terrorists will probably attack the US right before the election. It's funny, but a couple days ago I made the same prediction in a conversation with Danielle.

I'm genuinely scared, but I'm not worried about being hit by a plane. I'm scared of our administration, its blatant and massive corruption on every level, its irresponsible policy decisions, and the apprent ease with which they can manipulate the American people. I'm not a huge Kerry fan, but at this point I'd vote for a well-trained border collie if I thought it would help get rid of Bush and company. I would like to see them fired.

Al-Qaeda, on the other hand, does not. Bush has done more for the terrorists than they could ever dream. Iraq is a more fertile recruiting ground than they could have ever hoped for. Bush is the poster child of American evil, and is the most hated man in the world. Al-Qaeda even sent out a press release after the March 11th Madrid attacks admitting as much.

It seems to me that al-Qaeda's desire to keep Bush in office almost guarantees an attack in the last week of October. It would virtually guarantee Bush's re-election. Yes, we are that stupid.

I sure hope the administration can do its job and prevent the attack, but it's easy to imagine they wouldn't be terribly motivated to do so. Aside from capturing Osama (which seems much more unlikely), it would be their only real hope for staying in power.

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