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Weekend in Review

So, Friday night I got together with Danielle (yellzer), David (naughtybitz), Lauren (lorkel), Jake and Brandi to see Da Village. It's gotten a lot of bad reviews, and some Internet message boards are frothing with anger towards this movie. Me? I really enjoyed it, and some things about it really got me thinking. It was nothing like what I'd expected, and it certainly wasn't really the movie that they sold in the trailers. The two big twists in the movie caught me off-guard, but I must have been having a slow day because everyone else apparently saw them coming but me. Anyway, I recommend it seeing it if you're stupid like me. Otherwise, you could probably just as well wait for the DVD.

Sunday was nice. I helped David get situated in his new place, and we had lunch and ran some errands together. Later, Niki came over and hung out with me. We watched television. Then we watched television some more. That sounds pretty boring, eh? Well, I'm a pretty boring guy, and I'm hopelessly addicted to Six Feet Under. Last night's episode didn't disappoint, although I really wanted to see some hard-core action between Claire and Edie. Oh well... maybe next week.

Geez, I've spent more time hanging out with Niki over the last week than in the previous six months. She's a great friend, so here's hoping the trend continues.

Today is day two of my new diet and excercize routine, although I'm still fleshing out exactly what that means. For today, it's Slimfast for lunch and breakfast, punctuated by lots of bottled water and trips to the men's room. I'm actually feeling pretty good about this, but we'll see if I can keep up the enthusiasm for a half year. It could be a challenge.

In other news, today the weather in Sacramento is more beautiful than anyone could ever ask for. It's about 70 degrees, mostly sunny and breezy. If you're not in Northern California right now, you should be wishing you were. It's gorgeous. In fact, I think I might actually go out for a walk a little later.

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