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Great News (That's Sarcasm, Folks)

My water heater is actually less than a year old. The previous one was ancient, so when it quit, they replaced it the same day. Now, the diligent management figured since the thing was still under warranty they could get the repairs done for free rather than trying to fix the problem themselves.

Well, the manufacturer-sanctioned repair guy finally came about a half hour ago (and only five days from my initial complaint!). Guess what? The water heater is in perfect, working condition.

Yeah, let me say that again. My water heater works fine.

There's not enough electricity going to it. One of the two breaker switches that close the cicuits providing power to the water heater quit working. So, my hot water heater has power, but only 120V. Had the maintenance guy realized that these things require 240V, the problem would have been fixed on Saturday morning. And the best part of all... this is the same guy who will be replacing the breaker switch for me.

He says he'll have it done in about an hour.

The lady who owns the place has been wandering around the premises today. She wears a lot of jewelry and carries around a tiny white dog like she's Dr. Evil or something. She noted that it's been lucky the weather has been so warm while I've had no hot water. Yeah. Cold showers at seven in the morning are so much nicer in the summer. And I don't really need clean dishes or laundry this time of year. Oh, and then she suggested I take a dip in the pool to bathe, 'cause it's probably warmer than the running water in my apartment. Uh huh. I always feel my best when I reek of chlorine after rinsing off in a public swimming facility that twenty kids have been pissing in all day.

As she was telling me all this, I couldn't help but imagine what her dog would look like under my car tire.

Not that I'd ever do anything like that. But, dammit, cold showers make me cranky.

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