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I had plans tonight, but they were cancelled. Now I'm all by myself... on my birthday.

But that's cool. I got some new DVDs in the mail to watch, and I have a pretty bad headache, too.

In other news, my MAME ROM set download was going pretty well, but then it hit a wall. Apparently the bittorrent network doesn't have complete files for three of the DVD images. I didn't even realize this until one of the files loaded about 50% then just quit. I did manage to get the other four complete DVD images, though.

While there's a chance someone could connect to the network that has the chunks of files I need, but it could take a long, long time.

So, when I asked y'all if anyone out there had a good bandwidth, a DVD burner, and lots of spare time, I should have just asked Google instead. Cause apparently this guy does have all those things. I already sent the dude some cash for blank DVDs.

So, I'll have the complete set soon enough, and I can rest easy knowing I wasted all my bandwidth for nearly two full weeks for no reason.
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