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My Morning in a Nutshell - Jarrett Heather — LiveJournal
Jarrett Heather's Journal
My Morning in a Nutshell
Carmichael Honda: Please hold for a half hour. Okay. You need to call the towing place yourself.

B&J Towing: We don't pick up the phone until it rings for ten minutes. You need to talk to Carmichael Honda first.

Carmichael Honda: It's alright. Tell the tow truck guy that we said it's cool.

B&J Towing: We won't tow your car unless Carmichael calls us directly. We need a PO number. You're stupid for not knowing this.

Carmichael Honda: Oh. Alright. I'll talk to them and call you back.

Jarrett: Please die.


Carmichael Honda: Oh, we would have called back, but we lost your phone number. They should be there in a half hour.

Current Mood: frustrated frustrated

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