Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Arcade Project Progress

I've spent practically all weekend working on the arcade cabinet. Friday night I installed the ArcadeVGA video card. Getting the drivers installed was a headache and a half. But seeing the old games run in their original resolution is pretty amazing!

Besides that, I've made fantastic progress on other parts of the project.

So, here are the speakers I installed in the cabinet, the Sony XS-V134OH. I bought them because the red cones look cool. And, hey, they don't sound too bad either. I hooked them to the computer by bastardizing a Creative Inspire T3000 2.1 speaker system. I just spliced the leads from the satellites to the Sony speakers.

The best part is, the Inspire T3000 includes this nifty little volume control knob, which I mounted under the control panel for discreet, but easy access. It even has a headphone jack right there for late night gaming sessions.

I used a 12v molex adapter to wire up the coin return and power button lights to the PC power supply. The coin door came with 14v bulbs, so they are a little dim. I plan to replace them with super-bright LEDs. Actually, I think I might order some red reject buttons as well. In the meantime, it doesn't look too bad.

Here's all the custom wiring I did for the lights and the coin mechanisms. I had a lot of fun wiring this stuff up. The coin mechs are actually connected to the keyboard encoder in the control panel, so when you drop a coin in the slot, the emulator gives you a credit! When I have company over, I may un-map the credit buttons on the panel, and then this project will start to bring in some cash.

Here's a peek inside the back of the cabinet. There is a back panel that hides all this, but I'm not going to be able to close it up until I'm a little further along in the project.

Finally, I got a miniature keyboard so I'd have a little more room on the keyboard tray. I also mounted the monitor controls to the keyboard tray for easier access.

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