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Public Congratulations / Public Contrition

You know Chris, my best friend from high school, practically the only friend from back home with whom I stay in contact. I was the best man in his wedding way back in 1999. That one didn't work out so well (I would have warned him if I'd thought it would do any good). Today he tells me he's ready to tie the knot again on Tuesday. This time no warnings are necessary, and I can offer up my most sincere congratulations. I only wish I could make it back to Delaware to offer them in person. Good luck you two!

Now on a totally unrelated note: Some people have called me "witty" from time to time. I guess once in awhile I am able to come up with a well-timed, appropriate and insightful one-liner. It's not easy, though. Making a witty remark requires the brain to make an association between two contrasting ideas, and once those synapses fire and make that connection, the witty comment must be fast-tracked to the mouth to ensure proper comedic timing, thus bypassing any filters that normally keep you from blurting out something inappropriate. Most of the time the quick wit is good for a laugh, but once in awhile a comment that was meant to be funny comes out really, really wrong and people's feelings get hurt. I had a moment like that on Friday, and all I can say now is that I'm sorry, and I was not intentionally trying to be hurtful. Call me an idiot, or call me too witty for my own good. Either way, I hope you'll forgive me, Danielle.

That's all for now. I hope everyone is having a productive Monday so far. I sure haven't.

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