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The Year in Review

You may say it’s too early for a look back at the year that was 2005, but I say there’s never a bad time for a little contemplative retrospection.

Man, the year really had its ups and downs. The major down has been a really nasty cold that hit me on Monday. I missed two days of work in a row, which is pretty rare for me. Of course, actually taking a sick day due to being sick with disease is unusual. I almost always call in due to insomnia, which I suffer from frequently.

Well, I did make it to work today despite feeling utterly exhausted from fighting disease and restless nights. And I’ve had a fairly productive week, sneaking in some tasks at home to stay on top of the game. I don’t want to start 2005 in the hole.

Moving backwards in time slightly, the marquee artwork for my arcade machine was re-printed. Brotha Tom hooked me up with the pros, and the results are stunning. It actually looks better than I could have imagined. That made me happy on a sick day. I’ll try to post some pics soon, but just as the pics couldn’t truly convey the crappiness of the old one, I doubt that a photo could capture the majesty of the new one. It’s so beautiful, I have a hard time convincing myself that I designed it.

I bought a pair of new ottomans at Best Buy. You should see them. They would blow your friggin’ mind. Well, first off you have to understand the limitations of my old ottomans. They looked deceptively like small stools. In fact, the label attached to them read "ottoman/stool” when I bought them. But most anyone who attempted to sit on them would promptly discover their plushness, lose their balance and fall over. It was a hazard — a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Anyway, the new ottomans are the workhorses of the living room entertainment area. They are strong, sturdy cubes ensconced (isn’t that a great word?) in genuine black leather (cows gave their lives to create my living room décor, people.) The top of the ottoman is the ideal height for a makeshift laptop desk, but slightly tall for resting one’s feet from my low couch, however well within the limits of my standards of comfort. The magic of these things is their endless versatility. The top comes off, flips over, and it’s a handsome natural-wood serving tray. The box proclaims the tray could hold "drinks, snacks and more," leaving limitless possibilities to explore. And of course, the ottomans themselves each conceal three or four cubic feet of discreet storage. My laptop and its accessories fit in perfectly. It’s a true synergy of my furniture and lifestyle. An awesome purchase! Ah, I am such a retail whore. But a happy one, nonetheless.

One of the highlights of 2005 was ringing it in with some wonderful friends, especially Rupert. He and I shared a house, well not just any house, The Manor, in the months before I hooked up with Julie. I hadn’t seen him since… I don’t remember when. Probably not since the year twooooo thouuuuusaaaaaand. This seems to be the most recent time I’ve mentioned him in this forum.

Rupert is a blast, but of course watching the time-delay ball drop in Times Square with Danielle, Niki, David, and… some other random friendly people made the night all the more special. Actually Niki threw a kick-ass New Years / Birthday party all around. She served pigs in blankets and the cake was delicious.

People are still talking about the party I threw in December. I didn’t feel like talking about it so much. But I guess it’s a sign that you threw a kick-ass party when nearly all of the attendants had something to apologize for the next day. We’ll leave the actual events to your imagination, and make a note to monitor alcohol consumption more closely at future gatherings.

I bought Katamari Damacy for PS2 because Santa failed to find a place for it under my tree. You need to play this game. No words can convey its lunacy. And it’s fair to say there’s been nothing like it before. I suppose the whole premise of the gameplay could be summed up as: You roll a ball, and things stick to it. Then the ball grows, and you pick up bigger and bigger things: Thumbtacks and paperclips, then fish and jam and soup and potatoes and haircuts and arguments and small things and rabbits and people with noses and jam — more jam, perhaps — and soot and flies and tobogganing and showers and toasters and grandmothers. And Belgium. All rolled up in your sticky ball. It’s nuts. David beat the game already, the bastard. Now I have to catch up.

So that is 2005 so far. A really great year, to be certain. Call it The Year of the Hoodie. I took Niki’s advice from months ago and bought myself a comfy hooded sweatshirt to keep myself a little warm and lounge about in style. I didn’t expect to look so cool in it though! I got a compliment from a lovely young woman the first day I wore it out. I’ve literally worn the thing every day this year so far, so we’ll have to see how long I can maintain that trend before someone notices and accuses me of being unhygienic. I am down to one pair of nice pants I bought to hold me off until I reach my weight loss goal, but at least they come off at night, when the comfy PJ pants come out to play. The hoody has been with me every waking moment. We are one.

I have something else to share, but I wouldn’t want an important tidbit to get lost in the hodgepodge of furniture, video games, and casual wear. I took an Ambien about 90 minutes ago, and I’m starting to feel a little… loopy. So, yay for 2005! Here’s hoping I wake up a little healthier than I feel right now. Stay tuned for a shocking revelation that will shake you to the very core of your being. Noonch.
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