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Busy Weekend

Julie and I went out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We're so social nowadays.

On Friday it was Josh's surprise birthday party over at Anna's house. I'd say it was a big success. We got a ton of people there, and Josh had no idea. I think we scared him good. We had a really good time, but I have a feeling all the non-SacWeb people were pretty bored with all the SacWeb talk. What can I say? When all your friends work at the same office you tend to talk about work a lot. Just goes to show how much we love our jobs :)

Saturday was less eventful for me. Julie went out shopping with some chat buddies. She was gone most of the day. I recruited Chris to help me pick up some shelves at Walmart. The shelves are currently unassembled and sitting on the living room floor. I'll probably get around to assembling them tonight. I have a lot of books that need a place to live.

Saturday night David called and invited Julie and I to come watch movies. It's nice to watch movies at David's because we can turn up the volume really loud and don't have to worry about complaining neighbors... at least not complaining about us anyway. We watched Hollow Man... the Kevin Bacon invisible guy movie. That movie is really good and really bad at the same time. The story is just... well... is there a story? But the effects are excellent.

Yesterday was the Superbowl, of course. We went back to David's for a party there. I used to live in Maryland, so I was rooting for the Ravens. Good game. Good commercials, as always. I ate too many party snacks.

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