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Hello, LiveJournal land!

Well, we've been pretty busy lately. It's only a matter of days before the family gets here. Danielle and I are so very excited to see everyone. I love California, but I surely miss my mom, dad and stepmom. It's tough being out here without any kin. I really wish I got to see them all more often.

I spent a whole day on the Internet booking fares for some local attractions: The ferry to Alcatraz, a deluxe tour of San Francisco, and a Lake Tahoe cruise will be among the highlights of our vacation. We'll snap lots of pictures, I promise. Our digital cameras are practically collecting dust. So, we've got to get our money's worth while there's something interesting to expose to our precious CCDs.

It seems like there's a million and one things to do before they arrive, but work has been kicking my ass this week, and the vacation preparations are starting to get behind. I've landed some important, high-profile project at work, and I have all of two days to turn it around. I told the boss it was not possible, so I says I at least have to some kind of beta version of the interface in place before Friday. So, yeah, the State is actually making me work. It happens, people.

Much to Danielle's chagrin, I put off mowing the grass for about a month. During that time it decided to stop raining for the most part. However we didn't know that the timer on the sprinklers wasn't programmed properly. So last week when I mowed the lawn, we discovered a lot of the grass had died. This is not good. But I found the sprinkler system manual on the Intarweb, and I read it front to back. Now I am the master of the sprinkler system. If you're the religious type, please find a moment to pray that our little grass blades will turn green again soon. I sure don't wanna have to pay for new sod.

Ah, the small joys domestic life.

This past Memorial Day weekend was mostly spent playing video games with Mike (the CZA) and Dave (DWo). We five-manned Scholo. Yeah, you probably don't know what that means, but if you do, hopefully you're impresssed. Oh, and I bought some new video games! First off, God of War for the PS2. It's an awesome game -- the most violent game I have ever seen. It even has boobies. Then, a game that couldn't be more different than that, Wario Ware Twisted! for the GBA. You actually tilt and spin the GBA to solve 5-second puzzles that come at you rapid fire. It's seriously one of the most fun, unique games I've ever played. If you have a GBA, this game should be in it right now.

Of course, whenever the guys are over, we have to fire up the arcade for some old-school action. Mike and I went head-to-head for some NES Jeopardy! 25th Anniversary Edition. (Oh, did I say "action"? I mean two hours of typing in trivia answers with a joystick.) Anyway, I found this nugget of wisdom under the category U.S. Geography, and I had to take a screenshot:

Who knew that anyone was aware that Marydel existed? They may not have a lot going for them, but the town is well-known within obscure NES videogames from 1989.

I did, by the way, manage to give the proper response for $200. Mike was forced to bow before my trivia knowledge, although the computer handily beat us both when we got too brave and turned the setting difficulty from "severely brain damaged" to "mildly retarded".

Oh, man, I can't believe I forgot to post about Star Wars Episode III last week... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Quick review: It rocked.

And the quick recap of last month: Danielle, work, video games, Star Wars, vacation planning, piano, lawncare, etc.

Night, all!

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