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GG Kaiser. Thanks for Letting Us Know.

Most often heard phrase over the last two weeks: "You sound terrible!"

And I do. I have this cough that won't go away. Danielle fears that it might be "walking pneumonia". But I don't have a fever. Actually, I feel okay most of the time. The coughing makes it hard to sleep, and I get bad headaches from bouts of violent hacking. Other than that, I'm pretty much fine.

I had an appointment to see my doctor today, but the nurse called early this morning to cancel. She said the doctor "had an emergency". I have to wait a whole 'nother week to get any medical attention, unless I want to seek help at the emergency room. Which I don't. I'm not going to wait six hours to get more stinkin' dextromethorphan.

I'll be filling out my will in the meantime. Who wants what?
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