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An Amazing Coincidence

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Yesterday I asked Ryan if he wanted to join me for a Posey’s run.  While I enjoy Ryan’s company during the short walk to the convenience store and back, I had an additional motive.  Because I wasn’t carrying cash, I figured I would use my check card to buy a lemonade and a Hostess apple pie, plus whatever Ryan wanted.  You see, my snack alone wouldn’t have satisfied the five-dollar minimum requirement for debit purchases.

A problem arose.  Ryan had just returned from Posey’s, and he didn’t need any snacks.  He just wanted to get out of the office.  Being the awesome guy he is, he offered to lend me cash.

The lemonade, pie and sales tax came to $2.89.  Ryan opened his wallet to find naught but two singles.  I was just about to add $2.11 worth of Slim Jims to my order, but figured I ought to check all my pockets for hidden monies.  I pulled all the coins from my bluejeans to reveal exactly two quarters, three dimes, a nickel and four pennies.  Providence.

I left the store feeling satisfied that occasionally things work out well for me.  And for perhaps the first time in my life, I used the phrase “I’m blogging this.”  So I did.

And now for an unrelated anecdote.

Danielle made the most awesome sandwiches for dinner last night.  She whipped up some tiny meatloaves that were baked in mini-muffin tins, and served them on rolls with mayo and provolone.  It sounds like a typical meatball sub on paper, but I promise you it was so much more.  Maybe it was the bakery-fresh bread or the deli-sliced cheese or the tangy red sauce the mini-loaves simmered in.  Whatever it was, the taste was like coming face-to-face with sandwich Jesus.  (Mmmmmmm, sarelicious.)

I’m very much looking forward to tonight’s leftovers.

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