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Me and the Band

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The crazy kids on the Jonathan Coulton forums started a virtual band called The Mandelbrot Set. They pick a JoCo song to cover, and everyone who wants to participate puts their track on a big pile of files on the web.

The song chosen for their first project was Re: Your Brains, a song I actually included in my own medly (at the 9:39 mark, as if you care). They had this thing in the works for a year or longer, but I managed to show up at the last moment to toss in a piano track just under the wire.

Listen here.

If I’d known they were going to give me part of the solo, I might have done a few more takes.

Anyway, a big tip o’ the hat to my virtual bandmates: Angelastic, bigcambridge, Bry, Colleenky (awesome vocals!), Lunacy, MaW, mtgordon, Shruti, and The Doifter.

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