Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

I'm bad. I don't write in my journal enough. LB told me so. Apparently, I'm his link to Sacramento while he's up at Chico State. I'll try to do better, little buddy.

The weekend had its ups and downs. Friday night, Niki invited us out to the Punchline with a big group of friends. Julie and I joined Niki, LB, Mitch and a bunch of other folks, some from Jel, where Niki works. Anyway, we had a great time. Lots of big laughs. The main act was the guy from the Cache Creek Casino ads that run on local TV... and if you don't live in Northern California, then you have no idea who I'm talking about. He was very funny though. After the show, LB came back to our place, and we played SSX until 3am, trying to get 150,000 points on the Pipedream Showoff. I finally did it on Saturday afternoon... which was probably my biggest accomplishment this weekend.

Saturday night Julie and I picked up some fast food and headed over to David and Lucas' to watch Battlefield Earth. You've probably heard that it's a bad movie. But you really can't concieve how bad it is until you sit through the whole thing. Two hours of my life never seemed so long. If you're going to see it, be sure to get drunk and watch it with a lot of people so you can make fun of it. But pace yourself, there's a lot to make fun of, and you could get burnt out in the first half hour. Here's my suggestion... make everyone drink every time someone uses the word "leverage". L. Ron must have really liked that word. They say it a hundred times.

I think I'll buy the DVD and watch it over and over again until I can find the good in that film. I think any movie, if you watch it enough, can be enjoyable. Well, maybe not this one. If I did that, I'd either go crazy, or join the Church of Scientology, or both.

Sunday night was the weekly Quake game. This time it was me, Josh, Chirs and Mitch. It was a good time. If anyone out there enjoys Quake III Arena, you should join us. Drop me an email and I'll give you more details.

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