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After nearly five days of my new routine, I suspect that daily exercise has improved my well-being more than the nutritious, 1,500-Calorie diet.

I genuinely look forward to doing my exercise each morning. I didn’t expect that to happen so soon. Yourself!Fitness deserves real credit. Maya recognized my state of complete physical neglect and started me out with just the right kind of exercises to begin conditioning my body.  I can already see some results.  On day one, I was about five minutes into the warm-up before I felt so winded that I had to pause to take a few breaths.  Today, I got through the entire warm-up section without losing momentum, even though the software has already bumped me up to slightly more difficult exercises.

My workouts this week have cycled through cardiovascular, upper-body strength, lower-body strength, core strength and flexibility.  Today’s workout had some very challenging moves.  I failed to perform a proper V-up.  My core just isn’t strong enough yet.  I also couldn’t hold a boat pose for the full duration, but I tried my best to keep up.  Doing the yoga poses with correct form and balance is extremely difficult, but I can feel myself growing stronger and more controlled with each session.

I very proud of what I’ve done this week, and more importantly, I feel great.

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