Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

I'm a Winner!

When I was researching my PC case modding project (still underway), I came across a site that makes some nifty cases. They were having a design contest for their case badges. I put something together, and wouldn't you know it, they awarded me the 1st prize. So now I'm getting a brand new case with all the goodies... for free! And who doesn't need a case with 3 120mm fans built into it? Total airflow: 220 ft3/min.

This case will be much better for my new machine, and the pretty case I've been working on will most likely become the new Homer. You see, all the computers on our LAN are named after Simpsons characters. The Dell I use is "Burns", the one at Julie's desk is "Homer", and the downstairs machine is "Flanders". The plan I have now is to build a brand new machine, move Burns over to Julie's desk, and Homer downstairs. Flanders will be retired. It's a Cyrix. I don't know what I'm going to name the new one. I'm considering "Snake". Not sure yet though. Maybe I'll put it up to a vote when it comes time to decide.
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