Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

I finally got my Sopranos 1st Season DVD set. I only started getting HBO after the second season had started, so I haven't seen most of these. Being sick as I am, watching TV is about the only thing I can do. So I'm already seven episodes into the series.

My family on my mom's side is all Italian. Not only that, but a lot of them were from New Jersey. The way they talk and act on the show reminds me a lot of that side of my family. I don't think they were in the mob, though. The way they lived, I'd say... probably not.

The only Italian I ever heard growing up came in the form of food names and other random exclamations. Hearing all the same phrases on the Sopranos brings back memories, even though I don't know what they mean exactly. But if Chris Motisanti and Tony Soprano are using the same phrases, they can't be all bad, right?
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