Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Is My Health Improving? Who knows.

I feel better overall, and I did get back to work on Friday. But I am quite a mess. On Friday, I started noticing some symptoms of conjunctivitus in my left eye. (Long-time fans will remember I got it in my right eye last summer). But with my Sulfacetamide Sodium eyedrops already onhand, it didn't get as bad as last time. However, it did spread to my other eye this morning. It's kind of disappointing, but at least they match, right?

It's not even eight yet and I'm up and about on a Sunday. I was up past 1am last night. Why is it I can only sleep 6 hours a night now? The sinus infection has wrecked my sleep cycle.

My severe sinus problems have given way to a stuffy nose and a cough. Yet my voice doesn't seem to be getting better at all. It doesn't matter much to me. It lends credence to my illness(es). I have this paranoia that everyone thinks I'm faking because I'm lazy and I don't want to work. So any outwardly obvious symptoms make me feel more secure. My eyes though... they just make me look like a hard-core stoner. The kids think that's cool.

I'll spare you the close-up photo this time. It's much less menacing when they match, and I already cleaned all the gunk out this morning.
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