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My Blizzard 360 case from FrozenCPU arrived on Friday. We didn't waste any time (or money) putting a computer in that bad boy.

On Saturday, Julie and I met up with Shaun at Fry's. We got the works. For you geeks out there... here's the breakdown:
    Intel Motherboard with PIII 933Mhz
    512Mb RAM (133Mhz)
    Soundblaster LIVE! Platinum (with LiveDrive)
    Hercules 3D Prophet II Ultra (64Mb)
    30Gb Quantum HDD
    56x CD-ROM
    1.44Mb 4.25" Floppy (Oh yeah!)
Shaun spent his afternoon helping me get everything set up. The project went more smoothly than I expected it to! I still have a few devices to install, and I need to wire up all the fans and thermometers to my DigitalDoc5.

My trusty Dell (PII 500... aka Mr. Burns) got moved downstairs for Julie's chatting and Simming pleasure. Homer stayed where he was, since he's doing such a good job as our NAT gateway. He traded monitors with Burns, which makes Julie's desk look empty and pathetic, with a dirty ol' 15 incher sitting on it.

With much fanfare, the new machine has been dubbed "Snake"... after the articulate thug who roams the streets of Springfield, joining Homer and Burns on the LAN.

Julie's thrilled that I have both the printers installed on every machine. It's like a regular office building. You can print downstairs from upstairs, upstairs from downstairs. Every home should be so convenient.

The first task that Snake had to strech his legs was installing and playing Black & White. I'm really getting into that game. Soon, I will introduce you to my titanic pet leopard, Scratchy. He's already eleven years old, and he's learning to be a kind and generous diety through my patient guidance. Pics to come.

Aside from a little get-together at Niki's, I spent the whole weekend updating computers, tweaking the network, and installing software. It was productive. I'll have all the cams up and running again very soon.

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