Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

I'm Back in Cali

Although, I never really mentioned I was going anywhere. You probably heard about it from Julie's journal.

From Thursday, April 5th through Monday, April 9th I was off visiting the family in Maryland and Delaware. I'm not sure if I'm from Maryland or Delaware. I definitely started off in Delaware. I was born at Kent Genral Hospital in Dover. I attended Caesar Rodney High School in Camden, Delaware. But I lived in Marydel, a town actually named such that it didn't have to fully commit to one state or the other. I can't even claim to have lived on one side of the state line or the other. Both my parents live right in Marydel, but my Dad lives in Maryland and my Mom lives in Delaware. I lived in both houses. The tiny Marydel post office, which serves about 300 people actually boasts 2 unique zip codes, 21649 for Maryland folks and 19964 for Delaware.

At any rate, I visited Marydel. Tom and Denise came into town for a baby shower. Dad said I should come too, so I did. Julie had to work, and such a short trip would not have been worth her trouble anyways. Losing two whole days in transit, I really only had three days there. I spent most of the time with the family, which was cool. Aside from spending time with the clan, I went to Dover to visit with the Messina's... mainly Chris and Tracy. I didn't even have time to make a trip up to Newark to see Lars and Darrell and the above-the-canal folks, which is my only regret for having made such a brief trip. But there's always next time. I might go back before the year is over.

I have a couple posed pictures that my dad took, and I'll get them online soon. Oh yeah, on Saturday we got a family portrait taken with me, Tom, Denise, Jaime, Mom & John. I'm anxious to see how those come out. We're a good-looking bunch.

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