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Tax Relief

It's about time to do my taxes.

I've been putting it off because I was certain I would owe money again this year. Last April, I paid $2300 to the Feds and $500 to California. I figured it would probably be about the same this year.

It looks like I might be wrong. I've been crunching numbers and comparing figures from this year to last year, and I seem to be in a much better position. I printed out a couple transaction reports and scanned them carefully for work-related expenses. As it turns out, I spent a lot more money last year than I thought. Plus I did about half the contract work that I did in 1999. And SacWeb's withholdings litterally doubled after I made a small adjustment on my W4.

Does this spell refund? That would be a major shock. I'll be happy to break even, or come within $500. We find out tonight. Shaun is going to help me do all the filing. He's got Turbotax, and he's the tax expert of the neighborhood.

Cross your fingers for me!
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