Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,


My neck hurts. Maybe I slept on it wrong, but I'm in a lot of pain.

We got new computers at work. Sleek, black Dell workstations... PIII 866Mhz. It's pretty nice. We used to have eMachines. They suck ass. Major ass. Don't buy an eMachine. We were walking in to Fry's on Friday and some guy was walking out with a big "e" box. David and I looked at each other, and we both felt sorry for the poor guy.

Anyways, the Dells rawk all getout. They upgraded us to Windows 2000, which is kind of an adjustment. I think they wanted the added security, so no installing rogue software or, God forbid, changing the system clock settings. Those control freaks in tech support. You know who you are.

Sorry for the rant. Today has been a very, very good day (aside from the neck pain). I'll tell you why later.
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