Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

I got a good night's sleep, and my neck feels better.

I just talked to Tim down at Elk Grove Honda. He says my car is finally done, and they're juts finishing up the paperwork. He said that it's gonna cost about $1,560, but he didn't seem sure. I guess we'll see when we go down there. I'll have Julie take me after work, since I have her car anyhow.

Julie wishes I could use ICQ at work. Since I got my new machine I haven't been able to install it. No one really seemed to care about it in the past. I'm working on a solution that won't get me in trouble with the tech people.

Other than that, these new machines are working out really well. It makes my job a lot easier to have a fast and reliable computer. Life is good.

Last night Anna scored free tickets to see the Sly Stallone movie Driven. Julie wisely declined, but I went on with Anna, David and Ed. The story was quite boring, I didn't care the least about any of the characters, and the special effects were totally unbelievable. I wanted a refund despite not paying for the ticket. Don't go see this movie, no matter how much you like Rambo and Indy car racing.

Tonight David wants us to come over and watch the Mummy which he just bought on DVD. I have the DVD too, but he's got the brand new super-duper-special-criterion-extra-features version. The movie is not terribly good (great CGI though), but somehow the sequel looks appealing. So, I figure we'll go chill out over there and prepare for the Mummy Returns. I'm anxious to see that movie mainly for the big screen debut of the People's Champion, the Rock.

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