Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

A Brush with Death

Okay, so at about 8:10 this morning, a big rig on southbound I-5 just north of Sutterville Road swerves to avoid an accident. A second big rig swerves to avoid the same accident, cutting off the first one. They collide, sending the first big rig over the concrete barrier seperating northbound and southbound traffic. The underside of the rig gouges a huge chunk of the barrier, bursts into flames, and lands in northbound traffic, causing another collision.

What's interesting about this story is that I'm usually on northbound I-5 at about the same time that rig landed in traffic, killing one motorist. It's only about 2 miles from our home.

I got on northbound I-5 at 8:15. Just getting off the ramp was difficult. I crawled in traffic for twenty minutes until I heard a report of the accident on the radio. They shut down the interstate in both directions. Luckily I was close enough to the Fruitridge exit to get out of that mess. After almost a half hour I'd only traveled one mile.

I've never had to take the surface roads into the city before. I followed everyone else and figured Freeport Ave was my best bet. At Broadway it turns into 21st St, so I knew exactly where I was. It worked out pretty well. I made it to work by 8:50.

I'm looking for pictures of the firey wreck on the local news sites. I'll post them if I'm able to find any. Apparently the smoke from the explosion was visible from Davis, almost 20 miles west of Sacramento.

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