Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

In the Quicksand

...and sinking fast.

It's all about the good people on the JenniCam Fan Forum. Though, if you were to view it today, it reads more like the "qt/jarrett flame forum". Not that being flamed bothers me. I still don't care much about these people. But for some reason, I can't resist posting there in response to comments about me and Julie.

I started out on the high road, but slowly and steadily I've been sinking down to their level. Lately, I find myself resisting the urge to post "I did your mom" style responses. I'm better than that, and I'm better than those morons. I think anyone who had an interest in discussing Jennicam left long ago in favor of alt.fan.jennicam.

So the question is... what do I do now? Do I continue my unending quest? Some good does come of it. It keeps qtkat in the spotlight. My posts seem to annoy the people I wish to annoy. They respond in turn, and the cycle continues. But at the end of the day it's still an incredible waste of time, and I think they are starting to get to me. My "let's piss them off" attitude is turning into an unhealthy "I'll show those bastards" attitude.

Julie suggests it's time to quit.
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