Jarrett (jarrett) wrote,

Dr. Tom says...

"They have to go... no question about it," he said in reference to my three wisdom teeth, one of which is causing me a lot of pain right now.

Not exactly a surprise. I have a consultation with the oral surgeon on Friday, and hopefully they'll get me in for surgery soon after that. But the news wasn't all bad. Dr. Tom told me I could take up to 3200 mg of Ibuprofin a day if I felt like it. I'd only been doing about 600 mg. I'll take anything to ease my pain. Plus he said my other teeth all "looked great", aside from needing a deep cleaning, which I'll schedule for about a month after the surgery.

It seems odd that I would have two wisdom teeth in my skull and only one in my jaw. Dr. Tom says it's normal. People can have one, two, three, four or none. I'd have chosen "none", and then I could prance around as one of the more evolved humans, but alas, I am not so lucky.

My throat pain is as bad as ever, but it only really hurts when I swallow, as where my tooth hurts all the time. It's unrelated to my dental issues, and I have an appointment to see my doctor about it on Monday.

So, recapping... broken finger, sore throat, painful tooth.
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